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The Rise of Xueyue

The Rise of Xueyue



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The Rise of Xueyue






The Rise of Xueyue

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"What do you want from me?"<br><br><br>"Everything. Your soul, your body, your heart, but above all, I want you. Come to me, and you will be sheltered from every storm and hurricane that might come our way."<br><br><br>- - - - -<br><br><br>Like every pitiful protagonist, Xueyue's life was riddled with unfortunate events.<br><br><br>An aloof birth mother? Check.<br>A crazy father? Check.<br>An older sister with a superior complex?Double-check!<br><br><br>Through a twist of unfortunate events, Xueyue was sentenced to death by beating. And no, she did not reincarnate to a better life. <br><br>Offered the opportunity to have a new identity, Xueyue eventually found herself colliding paths with a mischievous and fearsome, but devilishly handsome Commander who'd stop at nothing to acquire her heart.<br><br>Will he succeed in doing so?<br><br>Sly. Vicious. Ruthless. The very whisper of his name was enough for soldiers to abandon their weapon and armor in the battlefield. Yet, this merciless Commander found himself on wits-end with a sharp-tongued woman that turned his entire world into beautiful chaos.<br><br><br>Many say love is a fleeting emotion, but to them, love is a constant devotion.<br><br>- - - - -<br>[WARNING: THERE IS MATURE CONTENT IN THIS STORY.]<br><br>Note: This is an ORIGINAL story, and not a translation. This book is found exclusively on Please do not post it anywhere else.<br><br>This book is 500+ chapters because it is a combination of the entire volume (4-5 books) in one!<br><br>All rights reserved.<br><br>Amazing Editors: Swaning, Ketaki, filledelisle<br><br>Author's IG: @xincerely_author<br><br>The book is found exclusively on The cover is commissioned art, all rights belong to me and the artist, Lia Audelia.