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Silly Bride

Silly Bride


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Silly Bride






Silly Bride

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An accident sent the eldest son of a wealthy family into a coma, rendering his fiancee unwilling to marry him. As a result, the bride-to-be was replaced by her elder sister who was a dunce. Not only was the slow-witted girl forced to marry into a family she didn't want to, but her husband was also a vegetable! As it turned out, the missus wasn't a dunce but a wolf in sheep's clothing. Just as she was about to begin taking her revenge, her husband awoke from his coma. "Do you think I'm blind? You sure have the guts, seeing as you're changing right in front of me." "Don't come any closer! You lied to me! You're not a vegetable at all!" Wrapping his arm around the woman's waist, he pinned her against the wall, murmuring, "Who says my wife is a dunce, hm?"