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Reborn as a Duke’s Daughter

Reborn as a Duke’s Daughter



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Reborn as a Duke’s Daughter






Reborn as a Duke’s Daughter

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I was just your normal typical Filipina office girl that is still single and never had a boyfriend since birth. The sad thing is I am now in the 30's age. I admit I have a normal mediocre face and body that is not enticing to the opposite sex. I never really got a problem with a zero love life because I compensate it with romance books that I read. Yes, I am and introvert that loves reading romance novels. But I never thought that my life will change and drastically.<br><br>The next thing I knew, I opened my eyes and saw myself inside a gorgeous room. The ones like in those five star hotels that was impossible for me to afford. I looked at myslef in a huge mirror and to my surprise I see a eight-year old kid with long wavy silver hair, amethysy eyes and white skin. Very far from my Filipina, morena skin, black hair and eyes look.<br><br>Then I knew that I was inside the world of the novel I last read. And I was just one of the supporting characters. And to make the matters worse I am the villainess that rivals the heroin and has a sad and tragic ending.<br><br>Now reborn as the female villainess that has a tragic ending. I will do anything with my skills and knowledge to prevent the sad ending from happening. I will surely have a bright and happy ending.<br><br>***<br>Author’s note: The cover photo is not my own so credits to the owner. I grabbed it from Pinterest