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Love You Enough to Leave You

Love You Enough to Leave You


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Love You Enough to Leave You






Love You Enough to Leave You

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Amelia Winters knew that her husband had not gotten over his first love when they got married five years ago. She would never forget the way her husband pinched her chin and said, "You're nothing more than a substitute. Don't even start to think about anything other than money." Amelia had naively thought that her hsuband would eventually warm up to her and even fall in love with her one day, so long as she put in an effort to make their marriage work. Alas, she knew that her efforts were in vain as an epiphany hit her—no amount of effort would make a man fall in love with a woman. Five years later, Amelia would face a predicament when her husband's first love returned. Not only was the woman demanding for Amelia to divorce her husband, but she would also force Amelia to abort her baby...