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Galactic Games

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In Galactic Games, humanity is selected to take part in a competition between advanced civilizations. As they strive to reach the same level of technological and cultural advancement as the aliens, our main character, Jacob, is thrown into the fray and sponsored by one of the most mysterious and enigmatic races in the games alongside 1002 other human leaders and their sponsors. Set in a vast and complex multiverse arena, different civilizations compete for dominance and advancement. <br>The first part of the galactic games involves colonies fighting colonies, attempting to unite their people under one nation. As well as Jacob learning how to be a leader. <br>Along the way, they will encounter a variety of alien races, each with their own unique cultures and motivations. With the help of their AI orb and their own resourcefulness, the main character must rise to the occasion and emerge as a true champion in the Galactic Games. <br> <br>****Author's note**** <br>Update! <br>I will be posting 4+ times a week. Work has officially begun for me, and it’s full time Monday to Friday. <br>I’m sorry if the release rate is slow :( <br>The first few chapters are my establishing the setting and learning how to write compelling dialog with characters. It’s my goal that as you read, you will see improvements in the book. Please feel free to leave feedback about things. <br>I’m really excited to share my imagination with everyone! Thanks for reading :)