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Alpha Arthur

Alpha Arthur



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Alpha Arthur






Alpha Arthur

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He challenged a witch and lost to her. A curse was placed on him. He will suffer before he finds his mate and he must do so before he turns thirty-five. Only when he finds his mate will this curse be broken. And for many years, Arthur Murray, the most powerful Alpha, searched for his mate and Luna. But when he finally finds her, he discovers she carries a blood that he has hated all his life. The blood that has hunted his clan down for decades. A human! His next hated people after the vampires! Eleanor is the future Luna of Crescent pack and mate to Alpha Arthur. Something she would learn and detest. In her parents and the world's eyes, she is just a human but could she really be more than a human? A mysterious circumstance surrounds her birth. One that took her mother's life and made her family hate the werewolves blood with everything in them. Although she was taken away after her birth to a far away land to evade her destiny, only time will tell what fate awaits her and her destiny. Find out in this thrilling read the fate of Arthur Murray and Eleanor Samuel. Will love conquer at the end or will they both rather die than accept a different blood in their lives? How about their families, clans and root, will they sit and watch as the blood of a human and a werewolf merge?